Vogue Spain Crowns An African Queen

Vogue Spain March '16 Cover

Maybe it’s the headline “La Reina de Africa” (The Queen of Africa), or maybe the declaration that Black is (and always has been) beautiful, or even the photo of the flawless Ivorian-British model, Aya Jones, that has us fawning over the Black Girl Magic spread across Vogue Spain’s newest cover. But no matter what has us screaming “YAS!”, we are here for it.

Vogue Spain seems to be paying “tribute” (as their cover explains) to Black beauty trends- a hat tip the fashion industry has been been holding out on for a while. From braids and Afros, to dance moves and slang terminology, the appropriation of Black (and other minority) culture around the world has run rampant throughout mainstream media in recent times, and very rarely do the originators get the recognition they deserve.

But not only do they sing beautiful black praises all over their newest issue. Jones is also wearing her natural crown: cornrows.

(Or maybe we should call them “crownrows” from now on.)

Oh, yes- the same sleek vertical braids similar to the ones we’ve seen credited to various members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan (and worn just as beautifully) over the past few months.

This crown graces the head of the African Queen as she proudly poses in a strong stance that seems to declare that nothing and no one can lay claim to the kingdom she’s built. 

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that all fashion outlets will begin a trend of giving credit where credit is due. And let’s also never forget it was Beverly Johnson, the first Black woman to pose on the cover of Vogue, that paved the way for beautiful Black faces to be displayed on the front page of one of the most prestigious fashion magazines in the world.

Nicole is a multi-media journalist and contributing writer for African Girls Killing It. Follow her on Twitter @NcolAlexandria.

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