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When talking about colors, it’s no secret they can definitely add beauty and gorgeousness to a lady. But the right selection of colors and good choice of outfit makes you the fashion diva and trendsetter among your social circle. Sometimes it looks a bit harder to choose among many of the striking and accurate color schemes from the wardrobe and even from the shop. Color mixing is not difficult as your math’s examination, it’s something everyone is born knowing but some are really keen and wise about choosing the right color pallet for their clothes. It is basically a skill, and can be learned and mastered. The following are few tips on how to pair colors together smartly.


  1. Keep it simple.

The trickier you go the harder it will be to get the appropriate color matching. The main theme should be to keep it within the color family; this means that combining pastels with pastels, jewel tones with jewel tones and earthy colors with earthy colors.

  1. Get help from the color wheel to find complementary colors.

When you are discussing colors, then the easiest and quick selection might be the complimentary colors. They are colors opposite to each other in the color wheel and goes pretty well together and actually proves the saying “Opposite attracts”. True complementary colors are at same distance to each other in the color wheel.

  1. Go for the ombré test.

Most of us are unaware of the trick that different shades of the same color can look great together like red and pink. If you still need some help, go for an ombré search on Google and select the best color tone for you.

  1. Try the designer Hack

If you are still confuse about the color matching than you can definitely search for your favorite designer on the internet, it is the best method to explore the perfect color pairing by opening their catalogue and building up an outfit with some color scheme. It is just a tactic of finding a popular brand and finds the combos they prefer.

  1. Light and dark combination

Usually, when choosing colors one should definitely go for light and dark tone to amalgamate an outfit. Always use this light and dark pairing of color to be on a safer side and avoiding that mess often done through choosing entirely one tone for the outfit.

  1. Having reservation, choose black and white.

The neutral colors as for example gray, navy, khaki, gold; denim and silvers are great for matching but when in muddle unquestionably go for black and white. The two are ultimately the superstars color together. It will ultimately save you from a disaster and literally you cannot go wrong while choosing these two.


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