Let’s Talk About Sex (in “An African City”)

Ghana’s been talking sex, and we’re always ready.

The show called An African City which takes place in Accra, Ghana, and launched its first season for free on youtube, is headed into its second season.

This steamy web-series is centered around five professional African women who are returning to Ghana after spending most of their lives abroad.

And there’s a whole lot of sex.

But before the show gets all hot and heavy, the first episode starts with a thought provoking question of identity when the main character, Nana Yaa, is told to go into the non-Ghanian passenger line at the air port to which she responds in “I am Ghanian” in a broken form of the local language.

So not only does this show seek to pique carnal interests, it also delves into deeper issues of what it means to be African versus African-British (or American, or Cuban, or any other country people of African descent reside).

NPR reports that the creator, Nicole Amarteifio, who was born in Ghana and raised in New York, wrote this story for “[…] Africans who came of age abroad, in the U.S. or Britain.” in an attempt to “fill” the gap between “Nollywood and Hollywood”.

Now, back to the sex.

The show certainly breaks some societal norms by talking about female sexuality so freely. From the moment you’re introduced to Sade (the most sexually-liberal of the friends) who shamelessly carries a stack of condoms for any time the moment calls for it, you realize this show would hold nothing back. Who knew some women like to have sex for fun and not just procreation? 16 years later, I think it’s about time the world step into the new millennium.

I am definitely excited to see more from this show about of the beautiful continent of Africa that shows Africa as far more than the sad stories about third-world living plastered all over international news.

For those that enjoyed the first season, season 2 will soon be available for a purchased subscription.

Nicole is a contributing writer for African Girls killing it. Follow her on Twitter @NcolAlexandria

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