How To Be A Stylish Mom

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How To Be A Stylish Mom

more stylish moms @Laarin

How To Be A Stylish Mom

More stylish moms @Labelle_kaylie

How To Be A Stylish Mom

More Stylish moms @Minnie

Motherhood is being glorified more than ever these days as America outgrows teenage pregnancy and women start to wait later in life to start a family. While having babies in your youth generally leads to a quicker return to your pre-baby weight, having your baby later in life can lead to a more dedicated motherhood. And while becoming a new mother will inevitably take you out of your normal habits, never lose your sense of style. These moms are proof that you don’t have to be famous to look great after having a baby! Here are a few Stylish Moms you can follow on Instagram to keep you motivated to look your best!

Jessica Pettaway and daughter Kailee Pettaway are the most adorable pair. Jessica is a fabulous beauty blogger who shares tips on makeup, fashion, and natural hair lets her creativity overflow into her baby girl. Kailee steals your attention with her candidness and cuteness. Follow these two for tips on style! @jfashiongirl87

Meghann is a hairstylist/dancer based in Atlan ta, GA who recently delivered her baby girl, Vivian. These two can be spotted in matching shoes, lake excursions, or just taking in the sights. Since becoming a mommy, Meghann has shared her journey with making baby clothes and even simulating professional photography for her daughter. Follow their journey with hashtag #VMB. @Meghann_Monroe

Paisli and her daughter Kinsley are super adorable. Paisli is a model and travel manager. Paisli casually shares her daughter’s randomness as she sprinkles in a few of her professional modeling shoots. We get the best of both worlds with these two and their both fabulous while doing so.   @paislib:

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