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Maryam Salam is one of our favorite fashion bloggers. Her style is very unique. She give us the Naomi Campbell vibe. Her Style is very simple but yet chic.  Maryam is  originally from Nigeria but was raised in France before moving to the UK. She is in her early 20s. She  studied fashion marketing and branding at Nottingham Trent University, UK.  Maryam says she loves traveling, fashion in general and spending time with her family. She started her blog in January 2015 curating everything about fashion latest trends, styling and inspiration.  She hope to turn her blog into a business within five years. As her blog grows  into a bigger platform, she plan on expanding it beyond just fashion.  She plans to use her platforms to make an impact in Nigeria fashion and blogging industry.  African Girls killing it asked Maryam about her life as a fashion blogger, here is the interview.

Maryam1.      What is your age group?

Between 19 and 23

2.   Please describe your style in fashion and makeup:
I will describe my fashion style as casual and trendy. I love to keep up with trend, then make it my own.
Makeup wise, I will say ‘the everyday look’. I love neutral makeup, I wear just simply pink lip Gloss  most times and when I wear lipstick stick, it’s either lilac purple or red (ruby woo)

3.   Describe the outfit you are wearing or going to wear today:
A casual mum jeans and white t-shirt along with a my favorite pair of sneakers: Classic Stan smith

4.  What makeup are you going to wear?
Neutral look makeup


5.  Describe your favorite shoes, whether you own them or not.
I love sneakers, at the moment the classic Stan smith with green logo is my favorite

6.  What is your favorite color?

7.  Who is your favorite designer?

8.  What makeup brand is your favorite?

9.  Who is the best styled celebrity in your opinion?
Kim Kardashian

10. What is your one piece of fashion or beauty advice?

Make sure you feel comfortable

11. What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?
Midi pencil skirt

12. Where do you shop most often?
Zara, h & m, Asos, Missguided and Primark

13. What is a secret remedy that you use related to beauty or fashion?
Fashion remedy: take note of when your favorite stores go on sales , so you can always invest your money in quality pieces at a reduced price

14.  What was the worst decade of trends, as related to the fashion?

Leggings as pant

15.  What style of jeans do you prefer (skinny, bootcut, flared, wide legged, etc)?
High waist skinny jeans

16.  What body part do you most frequently play up?

My shoulders (a big fan of anything off shoulder )

17.  Which facial feature do you play up the most?

18.  What is your favorite fragrance?

Channel number 5
19.  What is your biggest beauty problem?
Un even Eyeliner

20.  What is one makeup item that you like to have on before going somewhere?
21.  What is one fashion trend you cannot stand right now?
Yeezy inspired shirt with lots of holes on it !

22.  What country do you live in?
France and UK
23.  Do you read fashion magazines?  If so please list:
24.  Do you think there is too much pressure from the media to look a certain way?
Yes, but don’t let it get to you

25.  Overall, how satisfied are you with your self image?
Very satisfied (I am my biggest fan)

26.  Are you happy with your weight?

Yes of course

27.  What do you probably over buy when it comes to fashion or beauty?
Fashion: Sunglasses and shoes

28.  Can you classify yourself as one of the following:  rock icon, classic beauty, indie chick or fashionista?

– Classic beauty

29.  Most recent bargain purchase?

A sandals heels from £36 for £6

30.  What nail polish are you wearing right now?


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