Cooling in my culottes

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Cooling in my culottes

Cooling in my culottes

Cooling in my culottes

Cooling in my culottes

I have been going back and forth about rocking culottes. Culottes are basically bottoms with a wide hem. I’ve had a love hate relationship with this style, mostly because I love how they look on other people but I never liked how they looked on me. Then I found this gorgeous culotte jumpsuit


I love this material because it looks like denim but it’s not. Although I don’t wear a lot of blue, I do love how this blue looks on me. I might wear this color more often. I styled this jumpsuit with white shoes and an embellished white shoulder bag.

I love the detail on this bag, the beading is simply breathtaking and I love this oyster shell shape. It’s a simple but unique piece and the perfect accent for this look. For jewelry I wore a simple rhinestone bracelet and a rhinestone necklace with a lot of bling. I wanted to add something bold as my statement piece. I normally stick to simple neck pieces but I absolutely loved how this necklace pulled the look together. As you all may know I love cutouts and I am glad that this jumpsuit has a small cutout detail. The fit of this jumpsuit is amazing and I love the way it looks on me. I also love that this jumpsuit ties in the back for a nice fit overall and gives the back some detail. This by far is one of my favorite looks that I have worn this summer. How do you guys feel about this look? As a woman there is always the pressure to be even more beautiful than the next woman, but beauty is something that comes from within. Always aim to be the best version of yourself. Admire one’s beauty without comparing their beauty with your own. We are all beautiful in our own way, and you must realize your own beauty.

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Shoes-Target(sold out)-similar




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